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moving on...

It's funny how you move forward and don't even realize it.. then you just look back one day and think "How the hell did I get here?" I feel like that... I have been so focused on making sure I continue to put one foot in front of the other that I hadn't realized how far I have really made it.. I'm in a whole new world and didn't even realize it.. A world filled with happiness and love.. Who knew that even existed?
I sat down one day and started writing down everything I have accomplished in the past 3 years and thought to myself.. Wow You did it! Everything I said I was going to do I did... small and big.. Amazing to me! I did this because my good friend told me one day what an amazing person she thought I was.. she floored me.. She told me I should write a book because I had an amazing story.. I'm not sure about that.. honestly I think I'm as boring as it gets.. but it was nice to hear.. I thought taking stock of my accomplishments would help me see I was going in the right direction.. I'm glad I did.. I feel good about myself.. who I have become.. choices I've made and most importantly the kind of mom that I am.. I'm proud of that and I think my kids are as well... I feel lucky to have wonderful people in my life supporting me.. lifting me up.. giving me the strength I need to keep moving forward...