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Creating Maddness....

So I finished my tat and everyone thinks I'm totally crazy!! All I have to say to that is DUH....where have you all been anyway!! I honestly don't care what anyone thinks. I used to, but not anymore. I used to lose sleep over worrying about if someone liked me or was offended by me...Why? I have no clue. Those peeps could care less about me and what I think...I have found that out!! I hate judgement. Everyone has an opinion on my life and I truly don't want to hear any of it anymore. This year has been weird...I definetly know who my friends are and what family members are going to stick behind me. I, for the first time in my life, know exactly what I want and i'm going after it!! Full speed ahead and I'm not letting anything or ANYONE get in my way!!!! I'm finding out that some people in my life are not liking that...most likely because I'm breaking the behavior that has been holding me back for years.. the behavior of me giving in to everyone elses wants and needs and totally forgetting that I have any at all. That has been my mistake all these years and the other day I broke that chain and everything changed.
I am definetly on the right path these days. I know what direction I'm going and I know who will be there when I arrive....I feel awesome!! My path to self discovery has been an amazing journey...I have always known who I am....I have just been afraid to let peeps really get to know her. How crazy is that? I Love me....and you should too and if you don't then Fuck You and be on your way cuz I don't have time for you.


Thanks..I love it :)