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Being silly...

I have been really busy these days, almost to the point where I haven't been having any fun at all :( And to me that is just NO way to live. So today I decided that instead of driving to pick my little man up from pre school, I would walk and bring his bike!! It's only a few blocks... but it's not easy to push a little bike so, I got on and rode it standing up, like a idiot. That's what a 30 year old looks like riding a 4 years olds bike...haha... I didn't think anyone saw me...then I got there and the moms were laughing at me...Super Funny! What they must think of me...I'm sure they weren't surprised. I often take my oldest son to one of the moms house in the go cart or on a skateboard with my dog pulling me...so she is pretty used to me doing strange things. My kids think its cool...and their opinions are the only ones that matter to me :) I just thought it was fun to be silly and let lose a little. It had been too long!


That's awesome, you seem like such a fun mom.