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My Week....

I have had an AWESOME week!! My parents came in last Sunday and that day could have not been more perfect. It was raining, I had a fire, I even made Lazanga, had some Wine, the kids helped me cook....really great way to start a week :) I wish everyday could feel like that. I really miss my mommy, I wish more than anything I could have her here with me always.

Monday I went and had the outline of my tat done. Damn it took almost 4 hours just to outline it...fucking hurt but I did good. He likes to take smoke breaks too so we got along fine :) Might be why it took so long. In 2 weeks I get to have it finished. Which is really going to hurt. I look at it in the mirror and think holy shit that's HUGE...but so badass!! My mom is going to freak! She wouldn't look when she was here..she is so weird. When I go home in May she will have no choice. I'm going to have the camera ready to capture the moment...my poor mom.

I also get to start teaching real classes soon. The temperary studio is opening up so I'm really excited about that! March 3rd I start a new training for the same girl and that is what I have been waiting to do. I should be done by the end of Aug. and then I can really start working and making some money. What a great feeling.

John and I have also been getting along. Not in our normal way but I really don't care. It's nice having peace and happiness. We put in grass and flowers and a salsa garden this weekend. The kids are sooooo excited! We have been living with rocks and dirt back there. I really did not realize how much I love to garden and how much I have missed it. We spent all Saturday afternoon planting together..What a nice day!! It felt like a normal Saturday at home...just like in cali. I like green!! My yard is now full of green :)

Ok I'm now done rambling....


Well Lets put it this way...It's my left side from my bra strap to wear my pants sit, right below my hip bone.
And I just added some herbs to my garden too. I really love having a garden :)