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madness in the house...

Crazy!! I have my 2 nephews with us untill monday night. They have been here since Wed....My head is spinning!!! It's funny, there is no way I would ever take on the responsibility of having any more children but I have to say spending time with them makes me miss my kids being young...Those were the good ol' days when I was really happy :) I'm writing this with tears down running down my face...I want to feel the way I did then...How do I get there?? I have been working so hard to change my life and make a future for myself but I feel like I have no one to share it with...so sad. No one even wants to hear about what I have been doing...my friends sadly could care less...they don't want to hear about how I have been working my ass of studing, training and teaching...No one cares I have had little sleep, little help from family with my kiddies...I'm doing most of this on my own!! I'm learning how strong I am and will be able to make it on my own...
My mommy is my best friend. She is there supporting me as much as she can being so far away! I love her and don't know how I can ever repay her for all she has and is doing for me. I hope I can be a great mom like her!! I try for that everyday!! I feel lucky to have her and my kids in my life...Life would truly be empty with out them :)They mean the world to me!!!