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Life sometimes seems unreal. I mean... here I am thinking my life is so bad, at least I have one. Last weekend was horrile. Sitting in my front yard drinkin and hangin with the neighbors..like the true 909er that I am...waiting for little Timmy to get home (my neighbors son..who I love as if he were my own)He got a new tat that day and we were waiting for him to come by and show us....Timmy is not so little...he's 18....anyways he calls and tells us I'm commin over in a few...my tat is almost finished...I said what did you get?? He says Life or Death....I asked why and he said it was just cool....whatever he's 18....so we wait and wait...no timmy....he finally calls and says he can't come by TJ was in an accident and in the hospital. TJ is timmy's best friend and a really awesome kid. TJ died :( The irony of this is when I saw that accident one month ago Timmy and TJ is who I called from the accident to tell them I loved them and wanted them to be safe!!! The day of the TJs death is the day he traded his car for that bike...I just told him last week as he installed a stereo in the bug... I thought that was a bad idea...kids should not ride street bikes!!! Kids just don't have enough skills and can't drive defensivly...I wished he would have listened....
Timmy went into the tattoo shop to get a tat of life and death. When he went in TJ was alive...when he came out TJ was dead....How weird is that?? a little freaky...I told timmy he needs to keep his head on straight and use this to learn from....I hope he does....At this point he could go either way....It's really hard to watch someone you love make horrible choices and mistakes..and he's not even mine...